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LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH

LOT-QuantumDesign group is a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. The group offers components and systems used in material sciences, imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, nanotechnology and life science research. The group was founded almost 45 years ago and now employs more than 140 staff across Europe. Further information:


From cutting edge scientific research to routine surface investigations, NT-MDT has a unique and unrivalled portfolio of scanning probe microscopes. Our application-focused instruments provide you with a full range of capabilities in AFM-Raman, high-resolution, multi-frequency measurements, and AFM based nanomechanics.

Anton Paar GmbH

Anton Paar GmbH is a globally acting high-tech company with its headquarters in Graz/Austria and 24 subsidiaries around the world. Anton Paar develops and produces laboratory instruments and process measuring systems.

LS Instruments

LS Instruments is committed to supplying the latest developments in light scattering technology. We are experts for static (SLS) and dynamic (DLS) light scattering  as well as diffusing wave spectroscopy (DWS).


Accurion GmbH

Accurion provides instruments for optical surface analysis such as imaging ellipsometer, Brewster Angle microscopes and reflectometer as well as solutions for active vibration isolation.

Asylum Research
An Oxford Instruments Company

Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force probe microscopy (AFM) for both materials and bioscience applications. Asylum Research MFP-3D and Cypher family gives you the superior performance, versatility and unmatched support of Asylum application and technical team.


Advancing your Surface Science. As international experts for contact angle measurement, tensiometry and foam analysis, we offer a unique combination of highly precise measuring instruments and scientific consulting.


Springer is a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. We are proud of sponsoring the “Colloid and Polymer Science Lecture 2015.” Browse our book & journal highlights at our booth and discuss your publishing proposal with our Editor Dr. Tobias Wassermann.

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH offers innovative solutions for the measurement of contact angle, surface and interfacial tension. We are recognized as responsive, empathetic and reliable partner for both research and industry. Opens external link in new



NanoAndMore GmbH supplies the scanning probes microscopes community in the best possible way with a wide range of consumer goods from SPM probes, calibration standards, and more.


Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress.




POROTEC distributes and develops scientific equipment for the characterisation of porous and dispersed materials: Nanoparticle and Zeta potential analysis, gas/vapour sorption, density, Mercury porosimetry, liquid intrusion porometry, TPDRO and PSA.


LUM GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical instruments for direct accelerated and real-time dispersion stability analysis and particle sizing. LUM instruments are used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive characterization of any separation phenomena in emulsions and supensions . 
In materials testing, LUM customers determine bonding and adhesive strength of composite materials using the innovative CAT-technology.
LUM founded its subsidiary LUM Corporation in the US in 2004 and operates own offices in Paris, France, and Shanghai, China, since 2014.

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