1. Wetting (Kolloidgesellschaft)
    Super liquid-repellent surfaces
    Contact angle hysteresis
    Drop impact and evaporation
    Dynamics of wetting
    Wetting of porous materials
  2. Responsive Systems (Kolloidgesellschaft)
  3. Surface forces, adhesion, friction and thin liquid films
    Techniques, e.g. colloidal probe, SFA, optical trapping, etc.
    Long range surface forces
    Capillary interactions
    Single molecule force spectroscopy
  4. Foams, Bubbles, Emulsions and Microemulsions
    Rheology and dynamics of foams and emulsions
  5. Fine particles and colloidal suspensions
    Organic and inorganic nanoparticles
    Colloidal stability
    Polymeric colloids
    Self assembly of colloids
    Particles at interfaces
    Colloids in mineral processing
    Rheology of suspensions
    Light, X-ray and neutron scattering of colloids and interfaces
    Patchy and Janus particles
    Electrokinetic phenomena
    Active swimmers
    Glassy and jammed systems, crowding
  6. Molecular assemblies
    Surfactant, lipid and polymer solutions
    Micelles, vesicles, liposomes, cubosomes
    Kinetics of self-assembly
    Liquid crystals
    Langmuir and Gibbs monolayers
    Self-assembled monolayers
  7. Biocolloids and biointerfaces
    Drug delivery
    Uptake of nanoparticles by cells
    Protein adsorption
  8. Technologies, applications and products
    Micro- and Nanostructured Materials
    Dental and Healthcare
    Environmental and sustainable applications
    Energy storage, energy conversion and renewable energy
    Natural resources
    Food science
    Colloids in printed electronics
  9. General
    Adsorption, e.g. in pores, of proteins, polymers, surfactants
    Charging of surfaces in air or non-polar solvents
    Phase transitions in confined space


Postdeadline presentations (10 min + 5 min dicussion) give conference participants the opportunity to hear new and significant research in
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timeliness are excepted. Please submit online.




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